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Danone / Nutricia - The System

Project Type

Online web application


April 2023



This reference showcases a custom system initially designed for sample management, which eventually evolved into a comprehensive internal system with multiple modules. The system boasts an extensive database containing information about all Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in the Czech Republic, including a detailed visit history and sampling data.

One of the key features of this system is the seamless management of the complete sample lifecycle. It encompasses various stages, starting from the ordering process and extending to the stocktake conducted by sales representatives. Additionally, the system provides insightful heatmaps that visualize the distribution of sampling activities across the country.

To further enhance sample management, the system incorporates advanced search capabilities such as expiration and batch number search. These functionalities greatly contribute to efficient sample tracking and inventory management.

Moreover, an online learning and testing module has been integrated into the system. This module serves as a comprehensive study resource, offering materials covering various areas of expertise. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly test wizard for creating and conducting online evaluations. This valuable addition has proven to be highly beneficial for users, ensuring continuous professional development and proficiency assessment.

Furthermore, the system features a Home Care module that facilitates the management of healthcare professional visits and ensures the well-being of patients. This module provides a centralized platform for scheduling and tracking visits, thereby improving the overall efficiency of home care services.

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